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My Writing World

I always believed I was born with a pen in one hand and a notebook in the other and then put between the pages of a book before finding my way to my cot.

When I learned how to read and write, a long long time ago, I was in heaven and soon got the hang of it. All my friends were still pointing at the words with their finger and miming the words with their lips when I was already reading with my eyes. Does that make sense?

I was addicted to books by Enid Blyton and wished I could write like her. I loved writing essays in school and kept reading a lot.

About twenty years ago, I had my first go at a children’s story about a dragon. It was followed by quite a few others. In between I went to several writing classes where I learned a lot and applied it to my stories.

Sometimes I write in Dutch. Other times in English. But I always translate into the other language. Unfortunately this may reflect on the quality of the writing. So please accept my apologies if something doesn’t make sense.

If you’re up for a read you’ll hopefully like this part of the blog and not only read the stories yourself but also read them to your children, grandchildren or friends’ children. Happy reading!




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