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My Travel World

I haven’t travelled long distances but I love going away. Seeing new places. Meeting new people. Learning about the culture and food. Returning to places many times and discovering new things again and again.

I was very lucky that my parents took us on holidays when I was growing up. Nothing grand. But we went away. I mainly recall our caravan at the seaside in Holland and visits to Germany. The latter lasted three weeks and there was a pattern: one day swimming pool, next day visiting a castle (blue drawing room, red salon, green bedroom…), then a day miniature golf, swimming pool, castle, miniature golf,… and the occasional visit to a city as well. At least, that’s how I remember it after all these years. It is a pity we never got some of the many pictures my mother took of us over the years.

Later I visited Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Ireland, England, Russia and Romania. Places I would like to return to but for now will be pleased to share some memories with you.

My friend Knitted Ned is better off on the travelling front. He is the knitted version of Ned the Piemaker portrayed by Lee Pace in the TV series Pushing Daisies. He visits fans of the show all over the word. So far he’s been to Austria (twice), Germany (twice), Australia and a few cities in Belgium.

On My Travel World pages, I will take you with me to the places I visit and show you what Knitted Ned gets up to. Bon voyage!




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