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My Cooking World

I love cooking and everything that goes with it. Except doing the dishes.

I love having people over for a meal, planning the menu and the table setting, going shopping to my local supermarket, small shops in my neighbourhood, our weekly market on Friday…

That goes with one of my favourite things: lists. I love making lists of things to do and ticking them off as I go along. I have my method, which may seem elaborate to others, but works for me.

Cooking and entertaining means getting new things now and then as well. I am known for buying things to make my table look prettier for a certain occasion, even if I’ll only use it once.

TV-shows. I couldn’t do without cooking programmes on TV! They are such an inspiration and over the years I have the feeling some of the TV-chefs have become friends, part of the family. I don’t know where my cooking would be if it weren’t for Nigella Lawson, Lorraine Pascale, Rachel Allen, Jenny Morris, Siba, Nigel Slater, The Hairy Bikers, Jamie Oliver, Gary Rhodes and many more.

Cook books. Mustn’t forget those. I’m addicted to them. I have a cupboard full of them and, even having run out of space to store them, I regularly get new ones. Especially if one of my favourite TV-chefs has published a new one.

Sometimes, I will treat myself to a special meal. Mostly Sunday lunch. I will “do a Nigella” or “a Nigella, Jamie Oliver, Lorraine Pascale”: I get out my Nigella books and choose a first course, a main and a dessert. Or a first course from a Nigella book, a main from Jamie Oliver’s and a dessert by Lorraine Pascale. Such fun!

Here you will find recipes by those chefs and others, recipes of things I eat at home, recipes by chefs I tweak (the recipes, not the chefs) as well as reports of places I go for meals, menus and table settings for my lunch and dinner parties.

I really hope you’ll be back for another helping.




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