My Baking World

Where would I be without my baking? I love baking more than I do eating the bakes. A fact for which my colleagues at work are very grateful. Feeling like baking, then going through my books or the internet to see what takes my fancy… Wonderful! And the smell that fills your home when you are baking is so comforting and relaxing.

I adore the BBC programme “The Great British Bake Off”! Each series, I have my favourites in the competition and will try some of their recipes. The presenters, Sue and Mel, are very funny. Mary and Paul, the judges, are strict and often, pardon me for saying so, very cheeky!

A few years ago I went to baking class and fulfilled a long-time dream of mine to learn how to make bread. Yeah! Unfortunately I am watching my diet now and don’t bake bread anymore. That might also be due to my thumb having been stuck in the bread.

Just before going to baking school I took part in a baking competition. In Germany. I often go to the German city of Aachen. One of the coffeehouses I visit there organised a cupcake competition. My best friend Bénédicte was with me and made me take the entry form home. I made my “Zitronenfrisch” (Lemon Delights) cupcakes and had to write my own recipe for the first time. I didn’t get to the top three but they liked my recipe and I was rewarded a € 5.00 voucher for… Yes, for cupcakes and coffee during my next visit.

Another long-time dream of mine is to open my own coffeehouse which I’d call “The Mufferie” (gives a bit of a French vibe to it) and where I’d serve my self-made bakes.

In the meanwhile, I hope you will like my recipes and try them yourself.




2 comments on “My Baking World

  1. No wonder your baked goods look so delicious!


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