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Crème de la Crème

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another edition of Tearooms and coffeehouses.

I am spending my summer holiday in Vienna at the moment. As I’m staying at a self-catering flat, I have to take care of all my meals myself, be it going out to have them or preparing them at the flat.

I am not a breakfast eater at the best of times, unless I make time for it, and being on holiday doesn’t seem to make a difference. Last Sunday I had agreed to meet my friend Michaela to have breakfast at her cousin’s place Crème de la Crème. It was great and oh boy! Did I have breakfast!!!

If you are ever Vienna, going there is well worth skipping breakfast at your hotel.

Let me tell you all about it.

Happy reading.


Crème de la Crème

Crème de la Crème is a bright little place in Vienna’s 8th district. Owner Julia went to Paris to learn the tricks of the trade from the best in the world and came back to her hometown to spoil the Viennese, and visitors, with French goodies.IMG_8026

Everything there expresses eye for detail. From the menu and coasters to the drinks and food served.

The decoration is simple, bright with coloured accents and there’s even a hint to the baking profession as the chandeliers are made of huge sieves that were used in bakeries to sieve the flower.


You go to Crème de la Crème for its breakfast and French pastry.
The breakfast menu has 4 set choices and a large assortment of warm and cold drinks. When you prefer, you can assemble your own breakfast. Don’t worry, just tell what you want and it’ll be prepared for you. Michaela and I took a small and a large breakfast to share. Everything on the plate was homemade and scrumptious. Have a look:

The pastries are so gorgeous! Almost too gorgeous to eat! We took some home to go with our tea that afternoon.IMG_8066
We had tarte au citron, hazelnut tart, chocolate mousse tart and a pistachio dacquoise. They were delicious (an no, we didn’t all eat them ourselves, Michaela’s parents joined us) and beautifully executed (there was even some edible gold on the chocolate mousse one!).

Surely a place to remember and go back to.


Crème de la crème
Lange Gasse 76
1080 Vienna
Tel.: +43 660 283 37 69
Open: Tuesday till Friday from 9 am till 6pm. Saturdays and Sundays fro 10 am till 5 pm.



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