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Aaron the Dragon. Chapter 5.

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a very long time since the last writer’s Wednesday, but I’ve had so many other things I wanted to share with you, that I kept postponing another part of Aaron’s story.

But here it is.

Happy reading!


Aaron the Dragon. Chapter 5.
Nearly Burnt

The ground trembled under their feet and everyone was shaken up. But where was all that violence coming from? Who or what was causing the trembling?

It was none other than, yes indeed…, none other than Aaron the Dragon. After having played the flute for a few hours, he prepared his lunch. He enjoyed his thistlesoup very much. After having done the dishes he took a nap. When he woke up he heard elated shouts coming from the castle. He looked for a spot on his mountain from where he had a good view on the castle’s estates and watched everyone having fun. He roared with laughter when Piggy fell on her face during the bag race. His stomach growled when everyone munched the delicious chocolate cake. He got up when they started to dance and danced too.

But suddenly it all got the better of him.
“Why can I never take part in the celebrations?” he asked himself. “Why can I never laugh and have fun with them?” he continued complaining. “No-one ever visits me. You wait and see… You wait and see… I’ll tell you what’s on my mind!”
He walked furiously in the direction of the castle. He continued this way with loud footsteps. The closer he got to the castle, the angrier he got. The angrier he got, the more smoke came out of his nostrils. When he was nearly at the castle he shouted so loudly that huge flames came out of his mouth.

“Oh no!!” Trunk-Trunk Elephant screamed. “There’s that funny dragon again! What could possibly be the matter with him? Come on, hurry Gigi! To the well, prevention’s better than cure.” The two firemen hurried to the royal well to be ready if Aarons flames should cause a fire. Everybody ran to and fro and yelled as loudly as they could.
The closer Aaron got to the castle, the more flames came out of his mouth. Everyone was scared to death! When he reached Dragonstein’s entrance gate, he blew an enormous fireball at the party goers whilst shouting. The fireball injured Jeep’s foreleg and singed Pat’s fur. They were in terrible pain! Just as well that Doctor Rox and Petra were there too. Piggy took them all to one of the many guestrooms to examine the injuries. Luckily it was not that bad. A salve and some band-aids and all harm had gone.
But things were worse at the inner court yard. Aaron’s second fireball hit the table, which set ablaze immediately. The far-sighted firemen had a lot of work extinguishing the fire. Meanwhile Aaron kept blowing fire and yelling so hard that his head turned red. Everyone was busy saving all they could. What was left of the festive décor was quickly taken inside.

After a while the yelling and the sea of fire came to an end. Aaron sat himself down very carefully and kept his scarlet head in his hands.
The inhabitants of Dragonvillage and Dragonstein carefully walked towards him. At that moment Joyce the Tortoise was the bravest of them all. She went to Aaron and tapped him on the foot.
“Hey monster! Hey! Why are you doing this? Don’t you have anything better to do? We’re scared to death! And moreover, you’ve done a very good job of ruining Petra’s birthday party!”
Aaron looked at Joyce in dismay. He wanted to say something but nothing came out. He tried again, again and again, but no luck.
Doctor Fox fetched his medical bag and asked Aaron to open his mouth wide. “Doesn’t look good at all, chap,” he said and poured some syrup in Aaron’s throat. “Take a rest first and tell us why you got so angry.”


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