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Long garter stitch cape

Hello Everyone!

Here’s a new cape pattern which you can use for all Thomases and Annabels.

Happy knitting!


Long garter stitch cape

  • Beginning at the bottom, cast on 38 sts.
  • G-st 20 rows.
  • (K2, K2tog) x9, K2 (29 sts).
  • G-st 3 rows.
  • K1, K2tog x13, K2 (16 sts).
  • Cast off but don’t cut the yarn.
  • Transfer last st to a crochet hook and make a chain of 25 sts, then cut off the yarn and pull through loop.
  • Crochet a chain of 25 sts on the other top side of the cape.
  • Using a tapestry needle, weave in all the loose ends and cut them off.
  • Cut the loose ends of both chains and tie the cape around the doll’s head.



Please check this list for abbreviations used.


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