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Visiting Antwerp Zoo

Hello Everyone!

Last weekend was the first really sunny weekend this year. On Saturday, my friend Els and I decided to go to Antwerp and visit the zoo.

Come on, let me take you along and show you what we’ve been up to!



Visiting Antwerp Zoo

Arriving in Antwerp by train always leaves me with my mouth open as the train station is a magnificent building.

The Zoo is located next to the station, so we didn’t have to walk far.IMG_4712

We began our visit in a relaxing way: having a coffee, studying the zoo map and enjoying the view.

After a sanitary stop, we began our visit.

I remember visiting the zoo as a child and recall it being much bigger.
The whole zoo was bathing in an Easter atmosphere.

Some of the animals’ shelters were being rebuilt and some of the birds were kept isolated because of the bird flu, so we didn’t get to see all of them. But here’s what we got to see.beestjes 2beestjes 1beestjes 3

Here are some of my favorite animals…
The monkey/ape family…apen1apen2
And my most favorite of all: the hippos. Because we’re so alike. Big and lazy! And always good for a laugh as you can see in the last picture. Hahaha.

Letting big kids loose is not always a good idea. But we had fun!

We ended where we began: at the café. Drinking beer this time.bier

Saturday was International Waffle Day. Being Belgian, we HAD to have one on our way home.IMG_4923

It was a fun day out. Worth repeating. Soon!


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