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Christmas menu 2016

Hello Everyone!

Christmas is normally celebrated on Christmas Eve in Belgium. It’s a gathering of family and/or friends with plenty of food and drink. And presents of course.

I have hosted a Christmas Eve get together for the past couple of years but I’m going to do something else this year.
Christmas Eve is going to be “just another evening” at my house and I’m having a Christmas lunch on Christmas Day.

I have found a lot of ideas for dishes and creative activities on Pinterest.
This post is all about what I have in the pipeline for Christmas.

I hope you’ll draw some inspiration from it.

Merry Christmas!



Christmas menu 2016

In the period leading up to Christmas I always make the following to enjoy in December (you may recognize them from last year):

I start Christmas Day with my Christmas morning muffins with cranberry-orange-marmelade and tea.

For drinks and appetizers I’ll be serving:

We’re having tomato soup with meatballs as first course.

Lunch will be:

  • Turkey table grill (turkey breast, turkey burgers)
  • Tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, courgette, carrots to eat either cold or prepare on the grill
  • Bread (if I’m brave enough, I’ll make my own)


For dessert I’ll be serving a shop bought Bûche de Noël.


As for the decoration: I still love making my usual things:

And I’m keeping the general decorations as I’ve liked them for years.

I’m going to have a go at some last minute things I found on Pinterest:


So, that’s me covered for Christmas. How about you?



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