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Reporter on the spot – Moscow

Hello Everyone!

Thanks to my friend Marina we’re travelling to Moscow for this reporter on the spot.

Get your warm clothes on and let’s get going!

Happy reading.



Reporter on the spot – Welcome to Moscow by Marina

Welcome to Moscow, Russia’s capital and most populated city of Europe. Moscow – the historical capital of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, Russian kingdom, the Russian Empire (1728-1730 years), Soviet Russia and the USSR.
Moscow is situated on the Moscow River, the urban area flow and smaller rivers, so the city has a large number of bridges. The most famous of them: Great Stone Bridge and the Small Stone Bridge, Crimean bridge, scenic bridge. Moscow has been constructed using the radial-beam layout. Thus, the city consists of several streets extending from center, including Tver (one of the major roads) and vehicles rings.3

In Moscow, a lot of interesting places. The most famous of them say the Kremlin and Red Square.
Its present appearance of the fortress walls and towers have acquired more in the XVII century. In our time, the Kremlin is the residence of the President of Russia, on its territory there are many churches and museums, the ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the museum of the Kremlin limited areas.
On the east side is adjacent to the Kremlin’s most famous square of the capital – the Red Square. It is surrounded by St. Basil’s Cathedral, Middle Trading Rows, GUM building, the Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, Resurrection Gate, leading to the Manege Square, Historical Museum. The square adjoins Nikolskaya, the Senate and the most famous – Spasskaya tower with chimes. Near the Kremlin wall necropolis (memorial cemetery) and Lenin’s mausoleum (I advise you not to go, there is nothing interesting, in my opinion). Also on the territory of the area it is the place of execution and the monument to Minin and Pozharsky. Except in special cases, the area is around the clock access for residents and guests.2
Among the many attractions of the city can identify a number of unique places and buildings that have international renown. These undoubtedly include the Grand Theatre, Museum of Fine Arts named after AS Pushkin and the Tretyakov Gallery. Not to mention, monuments, ranked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – is the Novodevichy Convent.

So, Red Square and the surrounding area. On the square itself and in the Alexander Garden can walk freely and at any time of the day.

The ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin. Sign in with Kutafiya-tower (from the Alexander Garden), located in the same offices. Price for ticket must be no more than 14 euros. To visit the Diamond Fund you need to buy a ticket already inside the Kremlin.

Ivan the Great Bell in the heart of the capital, in the Kremlin’s Cathedral Square is the church – bell tower of St. John Lestvichkina, better known as Ivan the Great Bell. This magnificent building combines all the ancient temples of the Kremlin in a single architectural ensemble.9

Red Square.
The Historical Museum has become the hallmark of Red Square. In the background of his dark-red gingerbread towers enthusiastically photographed by tourists from many countries. The museum was conceived and created to illustrate the history of Russia from ancient times to the present. The entrance ticket are priced at about 5 euros.

St. Basil’s Cathedral, which is also commonly known as St. Basil’s Cathedral and Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God – one of the most beautiful and ancient temples Moscow, the most important decoration of the Red Square. I am standing on this spot Until the 17th century Holy Virgin Protection Church often called the Trinity, in the name of the original wooden church. Typically, themed tours and tend to group. Price depends on number of people in an average of about 9 euros per person.

Shopping malls – GUM.

Temple of Christ the Savior in central Moscow near the Kremlin on the left side of the Moscow River. Christ the Savior Cathedral is the largest cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church. The original temple was built to commemorate the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812 year. Completely destroyed during the time of Stalin’s rule.  Now restored . In the Bulgakov’s novel “The Master and Margarita” his hero Ivan Bezdomnyi immersed in the water near the place where the temple was located before. In general, the temple was repeatedly mentioned in the stories and novels of the writer. Entrance to the temple is free.

Bolshoi Theatre began as a private theater of the provincial prosecutor of Prince Peter Urusov. March 28, 1776 Empress Catherine 2 signed Prince “privilege” for the maintenance of performances, masquerades, balls and other amusements for 10 years. This date is considered the founding day of the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre. Prices are unpredictable. Depending on the performance and places itself in the theater.


Moscow Metro – we are proud of them, very nice, I recommend a ride on the various lines. Ads are now being made in English, there is a scheme in each wagon so you won’t get lost. Powered free wi-fi. Prices for a ticket – 50 rubles, it is somewhere less than 1 euro. Metro in Moscow began to build 10 December 1931, carried out the tunnel in the direction of the Red village. Now this metro station is called “Krasnoselskaya”.
Tsaritsyno Park is good place to relax. Spectacular views, amazing architectural complex, alleys, tracks, ponds, fountains and sculptures – all this, of course, pleases the eye. The park entrance is free to visit the museums located in the estate can take an integrated ticket – about 4 euros.

To get an idea of the old Moscow you should visit Old Arbat Street.

If you are interested in art or architecture I especially advise you to visit Pushkin’s Museum Of Fine Arts – one of the largest and most important museums of Russian and European art world. An architectural monument, located in the center of Moscow. Now the collection of the Pushkin’s Museum. It has more than 560 thousand exhibits. entrance ticket – 4 euros.

Another museum, which I heartily recommend you to visit – certainly Tretyakovaya Gallery (tickets can be ordered in advance on the website, with an open date). It is better to start with a historical place in Lavrushinsky Lane.

You can have breakfast or lunch in numerous small cafes and restaurants. My selection – Shokoladnitsa (ШОКОЛАДНИЦА). The average bill about 30-40 euros. If you want to try Russian pancakes and cereal my choice is Teremok, this is a low-cost self-service cafeteria, but the pancakes are very good. Both cafés can be found on the Arbat, but as a network they are found throughout the city. We decided to leave a tip at their own discretion (not tied to the amount of the bill), unless leave is not terrible.

As for the “evil Russian” – Moscow city that is always in a hurry, so it is possible that I didn’t  answer all your questions, but in fact we are quite welcoming, Russians (perhaps) don’t smile often ,but our smiles are always sincere. There may be difficulty with the language (I’m sorry), although the majority of young people speak English. Don’t be embaraced to ask questions.

I hope you like my town.



(all pictured were provided by Marina)


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  1. This is so cool! Thank you Marina & Ann!


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