Johann Strauss Wohnung

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This is my first contribution to the menu Strauss venues.

Only a couple of the houses where members of the Strauss family lived still exist in Vienna. The Johann Strauss Wohnung is one of them.

Let me guide you through it.

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Johann Strauss Wohnung
Praterstrasse 54
1020 Wien

The Wien Museum has transformed some of the former houses of composers into museums. The Johann Strauss Wohnung is one of them.

Upon his marriage, Johann Strauss son left the family home in the Taborstrasse., and moved to this apartment with his wife Jetty in 1863. At that time the Praterstraße was an elegant and fashionable boulevard. In this flat Strauss composed, but not only, his famous waltz An der schönen blauen Donau (the Blue Danube).

The museum is located in a large part of the apartment Johann and Jetty occupied.

Its collection shows both his professional and his personal life and contains amongst other things instruments, furniture and paintings that once belonged to Strauss. The visitors get information about the houses where he lived, his compositions, venues where he performed, his wives, the works of his father and brothers. Everything is documented with pictures, manuscripts and sheet music. There’s even a room where you can listen to audio samples.
My favourite exhibits are the lock of hair of Strauss’ mother and Strauss’ death mask.

As a picture says more than a thousand words, I’ll let you have a look at some impressions from this Strauss venue.


Totenmaske von Johann Strauss




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