Chickens for the Children’s Cancer Hospital

Hello everyone!

You know how much I love knitting and crocheting, don’t you?
I knit or crochet every evening. Small things only, mainly dolls.

Once a year I make an inventory of the dolls I made and present it to family and friends. For 10 euro, they can either “financially adopt” a doll or keep one for themselves. All the money, adopted and leftover dolls are for my favourite charity: the “Kinderkankerfonds” (Children’s Cancer Foundation). They run the children’s cancer ward at our University Hospital. I make an appointment to deliver the dolls and the day before, I put them in my suitcase. On the day, me and my babies take the bus and tram to the hospital. We always get a warm welcome and I have it on good authority that the children love the dolls.
Two years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the ward and was very touched by the way the staff talked about the children and interacted with them.

This year, I crocheted chickens for Easter for the first time. I liked making them so much, I couldn’t stop J
20160327 Easter Parade (2)About three weeks before Easter, I thought I’d make some for the admin and other staff at the hospital and contacted Catharina in admin to ask how many staff members there were. “We’re five in admin. I’m not sure about the ward, but I’ll check and get back to you.” A few days later she got in touch… With the number 120!
How on earth was I going to make 125 chickens in time for Easter with only a bit more than two weeks to go? Luckily I had some help from my friend Hilde. For the remainder I made a schedule of when to crochet how many and when to assemble them. It was a race against time but I managed to finish all of them in time for Easter. Then bad luck struck: I became ill and wasn’t allowed to go out, so I couldn’t get the chickens to the hospital before Easter. I did a few days later. They were well received and distributed amongst the staff.

Now I’m back at making dolls for the sale in October.




3 comments on “Chickens for the Children’s Cancer Hospital

  1. I just love your little chickens! They are so adorable!!! ☺


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