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Aaron the Dragon. Chapter 4.

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the first Writer’s Wednesday. I thought it was high time to post another bit of my writing. From now on, when I do, it’ll be on Wednesday.

Here’s the fourth chapter of Aaron the Dragon.

Happy reading!




Aaron the Dragon. Chapter 4.
Time For Presents

It was time for the presents. Petra could sit on King George’s throne which had been decorated with balloons.
The Royal Family gave their presents first. King George and Queen Georgette offered her a weekend at the castle, where she would be spoilt rotten.
Princess Georgina had drawn a beautiful picture: all the inhabitants of Dragonvillage and Dragonstein in the castle garden.
“I’ll hang this in my living room,” Petra said. “It’ll look great there. You’ve used beautiful colours Georgina.”
Pat the Cat carried a large parcel, which she put at Petra’s feet and the zebra opened it immediately. Her eyes opened wide. Four legwarmers, a warm scarf and a brightly coloured hat were the contents of the parcel. “Those are to keep you warm during the cold winter months, so you don’t get ill. Who else would look after the ill animals?” Pat asked. Petra was very happy and gave Pat a kiss to thank her.
“I’ve brought you something delicious,” Penguin Lin said and handed Petra a basket filled with delicious things to eat and drink.
“Thank you Lin,” Petra answered. “What delicious things indeed! Chocolate biscuits, clover leaf lemonade, honey for the tea, marvellously blushing apples and a box of sugar lumps as a snack. No doubt I’ll enjoy it very much!”
Booster gave her a basket of eggs and Sean Swan and Crocodile Lyle brought a water lily from the lake. Millar, Jake, Gigi Giraffe and Trunk-Trunk Elephant had bought a present together. They gave Petra a great book to read, which she’ll enjoy for hours ‘The Scary adventures of Alpinist Jean-Baptist in Nomansland’ written by the famous author Ken Goosepen.
“Great! The latest book by my favourite author!” Petra was over the moon!

After the presents had been handed out it was time for the birthday cake. Claire Bear had again surpassed herself. She brought a huge chocolate cake with a lot of whipped cream and many burning candles into the court yard. At its sight everyone went quiet. They sat around the large table. Claire Bear put the cake in front of Petra who closed her eyes, took a deep breath and blew out the candles. She blew so hard that Jeep the Sheep, who was sitting at the far end of the table, got some whipped cream on his snout. Of course everyone thought this was very funny.
“You’ve been able to blow out all your candles at once,” King George said. “Now you can make a wish.”
Petra closed her eyes again, thought very hard and opened them again. But no-one found out what she had wished for.

They ate as much cake as they possibly could and then started playing Piggy Swine and Princess Georgina’s games.
First of all they played hide and seek. Millar had to search for everyone. That wasn’t easy and it took a while before they were all found.
Then they played spoon race and bag race. Not the easiest of game, but it was very funny. Not everyone was successful in reaching the finish with a spoon full of water in their mouth or to end the bag race without falling. But oh boy! How funny it was! They all laughed at each other’s clumsiness.
Then they did a sort of a competition. Everyone had to sing a song or recite a poem. The winner would be rewarded a kiss by the birthday girl, who would decide who was the best. They all took turns. Some of them sang a duet, some performed a dance and others recited a poem or told jokes. At the end it was so difficult for Petra that she decided everyone had won. One after the other they collected their prize, a kiss!
Finally Princess Georgina turned on the radio. Merry music came out of the speakers. Everyone started to dance, they were having a cheerful time. King George danced with his wife. Pat with Booster, Tiger with Lin, in short, everyone had a dancing partner and when the dance was over, they looked for another one.

They continued like this for hours! Until they were startled by a hell of a noise coming towards them. Loud footsteps came in their direction.


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