Vienna 2016 (2/6)

Hi Everyone!

Here’s the report of our last days in Vienna.

Happy reading!


Vienna 2016 (2/6)

Friday 17 June
Ann and Bénédicte went to see some of the things they still had on their to-do list. I slept in and did some writing.
We met at 1 pm at the Prater and visited it with my friend Michaela. We started at the Riesenrad (Ferris wheel), some of us more eager to get on then others. It was rather windy and our cabin was swaying quite a bit. A “funny” German thought it apt to let everyone know that in the whole history of the wheel (more than 100 years) on two occasion only a cabin got loose and fell off. On the whole it was a rather pleasant ride with breathtaking views.

The Wurstlprater is full of what I call fairground attractions. Us wussies got on the Liliputbahn, which took us for a ride through the Prater.

We concluded our afternoon at the Prater with an icecream. Which turned out much bigger than the picture in the menu.IMG_0311

In the evening we went to a concert. A new concerts among the many already existing ones. If you remember my report about the Sofiensäle from March, you will know how much attending a concert there means to me.

It was rather disappointing. Taking place at that venue, where not only Johann Strauss son but also his father and brothers performed, one would expect some more facts and music related to that venue and Strauss. It was rather touristy and commercial. Some of the pieces were danced to. Which was not needed as it took away the attention the musicians deserve and the other way round. And I absolutely hate the hand clapping during the Radetzky Marsch There were 111 seats of which only 17 were taken. That was one person more than the amount of musicians in the orchestra! The venue is off the usual tourist track, but I think that if they were to put more emphasis on the venue and its relation to the Strauss family and their works (and those of other composers who performed there), they could attract people who are interested in that kind of music, and thus have a bigger audience. Maybe I should let them know and ask for a job 🙂

Saturday 18 June
This was our “mountain day”. We went up the Kahlenberg had a walk around and went for a drink. I felt a headache coming up, so I caught the bus back until I nearly got to Grinzing and walked the last 20 minutes to the tramstop, destination bed and painkillers. Ann and Bénédicte took the little train down to Grinzing and had a meal there before going home. The view up there was, as always, stunning!

Sunday 19 June
My headache had become worse overnight, so I had another late morning and the girls went on their Hundertwasser mission. At about 2 pm I got my new dress on and left.IMG_0447
We all met Michaela at the Café Central for some coffee. And something sweet. Mine was a Kaiserschmarrn, a favourite of Emperor Franz Joseph. The portion was big enough to feed an army. As there was no army to be seen, I had to return half of it to the kitchen.

As walking is good for the digestion, we headed to the Volksgarten to smell the roses. And saw a few other buildings on our way there and to the underground station.


Tomorrow we are returning home, hopefully the journey will be better than the one coming to Vienna two weeks ago. I thought a bit of extra pampering would do me good…IMG_0524


3 comments on “Vienna 2016 (2/6)

  1. Very interesting information Ann, loved it and I m sure you enjoyed yourself. I am only sorry that the concert didn’t quite turn out as you expected. Great pics x


  2. Thanks again Ann for this good report. I think we have to talk about the Sofiensäle. Such an important Strauss-venue as it was in the 19th century deserves more attention!


  3. A good idea Ann about the Sofiensäle, a perfect job for you.
    Thanks for the nice reports. Safe trip home!

    Liked by 1 person

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