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Vienna 2016 (2/5)

Hi Everyone!

Today was “Strauss Day”! We visited all things Strauss related.

Here’s the report.

Happy reading!


Vienna 2016 (2/5)

Thursday 15 June

We first visited the Johann Strauss Wohnung at Praterstrasse 54, where Johann Strauss composed his waltz An der schönen blauen Donau (the Blue Danube Waltz).

There’s a wide variation of things to see: pictures of the houses where he lived, pictures of his wives and of himself, his organ, his writing desk, pictures of his parents, a lock of hair of his mother, documents relating to his work, travels and his death.

After that I took my friends on a walk through Leopoldstadt, THE Strauss part of the city. A lot of family members were born, died and got married here. Except for the house where the Danube Waltz was written, none of the houses where family members lived remains.
Opposite the Johann Strauss Wohnung stands the Johan Nepomuk Kirche where Josef Strauss married his childhood sweetheart Karoline Pruckmayer.

There’s a plaque on the house that stands on the spot where the house once stood where Johann Strauss Father was born (Floßgasse 7).

At Taborstrasse 17B the Strauss Family occupied the first floor of a house called Zum goldenen Hirschen (The Golden Stag), Hirschenhaus for short. That too no longer exists, but the present house still has a stag on the top floor. The family moved in in 1834 and the last two Strauss children, Ferdinand and Eduard, were born here. They all lived here together: mother, father (until he moved out to move in with his mistress), maternal grandparents, Johann Strauss and his brothers Josef and Eduard and his sisters Anna and Therese. When Josef and Eduard got married, their wives moved in too and their children were born there. Johann Strauss moved out when he god married. Josef and his mother died here too.

In the Karmeliterkirche, family members were baptised, got married and funeral services for some were held.

Josef’s funeral service was held at the Kirche der Barmherzige Brüder.

Leopoldstadt was also the home of ballrooms that were working venues for members of the Strauss family: the Sperl, Dianabasaal, Kettenbrückensaal, Odeon.

Tram 2 took us from Leopoldstadt to the Stadpark, the spot to admire the golden Johann Strauss statue at. Strauss welcomed with open arms, made some time for a photo session and then pointed us to the Biergartl im Stadtpark for a Ćevapčići lunch.

Museum der Johann Strauss Dynastie
This museum covers the works and lives of all the musicians in the family. IMG_0010
There are 15 parts:

  • The Strauss family tree.
  • The triumphal march of the waltz. Joseph Lanner and Johann Strauss Sr.
  • Cheerful even in serious times. Vienna dances in the Biedermeier period.
  • From suburban violinist to manager and chief conductor.
  • The concert travels of the first waltz king in musical history, Johann Strauss Jr. From Dommayer debut to the taking over of his father’s orchestra.
  • Josef Strauss – The genius who didn’t want to be one.
  • Johann, Josef and Eduard. The triumvirate of the 1960s.
  • Music knows no bounds. The triumph of the second waltz king in Europe, Russia and America.
  • Imperial Ball music director Eduard Strauss continues the family tradition.
  • The Vienna World Exhibition of 1873 and Die Fledermaus.
  • Johann Strauss Jr as operetta composer.
  • Musical contemporaries of the Strauss family.
  • Industrial Revolution and the Gründerzeit of the Danube monarchy reflected in Straussian works.
  • Strauss and Habsburg. The family of the waltz king and the Austrian imperial house.
  • Vienna’s Ringstrasse as an overall work of art.

This museum is a must for everyone who loves the music of Strauss.



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