Vienna 2016 (2/3)

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Vienna 2016 (2/3)

Friday 10 June
We got up early for our date with Mozart. At his house in Domgasse, we had to check in with codename “Belgium”: my friend Michaela had organised a tour for us and because my last name is so hard to pronounce, we were given an alias which came with free entrance and an interesting guided tour by Konstanze (no, not Mozart’s wife but you’ll have to agree with me that there isn’t a better place to work with such a first name). After the tour we were given audioguides and could go through the building again at our own pace.

After being absorbed in the world of Mozart, we went for a light lunch at the nearby Café Diglas. A new place to me but very cosy and friendly service. And the chandeliers were very cute!

Michaela joined us there and we continued our musical day with a visit to the Haus der Musik. The first floor, in the part of the building where the orchestra’s founder, Otto Nicolai, used to live, was dedicated to the Vienna Philharmonic. On the second floor, the Sonosphere took us through the world of tonal and sound phenomena. The great composers of classical music were assembled on the fourth floor and we got a lot of information about Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss, Mahler and the founders of the Second Viennese School. We could even have a go at conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra!

We concluded our day with an ice cream before going back to the flat.IMG_9278

Saturday 11 June
Saturday was market day. We covered three of them in one morning!
We started with the general Naschmarkt and took the opportunity to admire some buildings on our way there: the Sezession, the Theater an der Wien, two houses by Otto Wagner and the house where Franz Schubert died.

The second market was the Naschmarkt flee market.

At the Karmelitermarkt we first had breakfast and then met Michaela to do some shopping for lunch and for things to take back to the flat. We went back to Michaela’s flat (were kindly driven their by her friendly and very knowledgeable father) and cooked lunch together.

Michaela and I had been talking about the frangipane tart I posted about and she found it a pity she couldn’t try it. Because of her allergies, she can’t have almonds. I immediately started improvising and suggested she could make it with hazelnuts instead of the almonds and Nutella instead of the apricot jam. Michaela got all the ingredients and we made the cake/tart/torte together. Today was Father’s Day and I thought it apt to give the recipe the name Zahoriktorte in honour of Michaela and her dad (Zahorik being their last name).IMG_9419
We returned “home” late and immediately went to sleep.

Sunday 12 June
Our schedule told us to go to the concert of the Wiener Sängerknaben this morning. But we decided to sleep in and give them a miss. We’ll try again next week.
We went to the Wienmuseum for to exhibition: one on 250 years Prater and one about hats.

Ann and Bénédicte also went to see the permanent exhibition about the history of Vienna.

Before going to the museum, we went for a walk to see some of the buildings in the neighbourhood: the Technische Universität (which is Strauss-related as both Johann Strauss son and his brother Josef studied there before becoming musicians), the Karlskiche (also with a Strauss connection: Johann Strauss son married his second wife here and Johann Strauss III got married here as well), the Brahms statue, the Musikverein (venue of the New Year Day’s concert and place where the three Strauss brother Johann, Josef and Eduard conducted their works) and the Otto Wagner Stadtbahnpavillons.

In the afternoon the girls went to the Kunsthistorisches Museum and I returned to the flat to do some writing and admin.


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  1. Loved reading this, full of interesting information about the various places to see in Vienna! Can’t wait to visit!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you like it Angela. I’m always here if you need tips. And who knows, we may be in Vienna at the same time one day and chat over coffee and cake 🙂


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