Vienna 2016 (2/1)

Hello everyone!
I’ve not been on for a while, due to an arm injury but I’m back now.
It’s June and it’s hot and I’m in Vienna (again). With two friends this time.
Here’s a report of the first couple of days.

Vienna 2016 (2/1)

Sunday 5 June
Having been to Vienna so many times and never anything going wrong, this wasn’t a good beginning of a trip there taking two of my friends (Bénédicte and Ann). But all turned out for the better as you will read.
Bénédicte and Ann came to my house on Saturday to stay the night, as that would make it easier to leave early on Sunday morning. We had a Belgian “farewell dinner” at my local chippy.IMG_8301
On Sunday we were picked up at 6 by our taxi to take us to the airport. You may know I don’t like flying, so I’m always at the airport much too early. The ride there went smoothly. The access to the departure hall is still not 100% after the bomb attacks from last March but the solution was very efficient. Not a bad start until then, right? But our luck was soon to change. I saw it right away when we entered the departure hall and went to the notice boards: our flight had been cancelled! Noooo!!!!! Luckily there was this lovely lady at the Brussels Airlines desk who booked us on the next direct flight to Vienna at 15.45 Woohoo! Lucky us! We spent half a day at the airport

and were very happy when we finally could board our plane. Due to an extra check-up by the plane doctor, we left about 20 minutes later than scheduled. But we finally were on our way. Yeah!

When we finally reached Vienna, our captain told us that because of a thunderstorm above Vienna, we couldn’t land right away and had to wait until it had cleared away. So we waited. Flight control finally gave us permission to land, but it didn’t work: a lot of turbulation and the pilot thought it not safe to land. So we circled above Vienna a bit more. Then there was a second attempt. No luck, same thing so we circled a bit more. We nearly spent two hours circling above Vienna and I can assure you the weirdest things go through your head. I even wrote my last will in a text message to my sister and could take a picture of the Schönbrunn Palace showing itself between the clouds.

Well, you know what they say: third time lucky! From then our luck changed: we got our luggage quickly, IMG_8343passed controls without problems, didn’t have to wait for our train connection into town and we were able to access our flat easily via the electronic check-in.
We had something to eat and got to bed. And that was the end of an adventurous first day.

Monday 6 June
As we didn’t set the alarm clock, we didn’t get up and have breakfast until late. But we could enjoy it on our balcony overlooking our swimming pool and the football stadium.IMG_8361
After breakfast we took the “U-Bahn” into town and changed to a tram to get closer to our destination: the Hofburg Palace.

I left Ann and Bénédicte there to explore the imperial tableware collection and the imperial apartments. I did some shopping and went to see a friend before returning to the palace to have some coffee.

When the girls came back we had a snack called “Sacher Würstl” and a HOLUNDER SODA (sorry for the shouting, but this is my fav drink in Vienna, besides the “Grüner Veltliner” wine).

They were very impressed with what they had seen but hadn’t taken any pictures (I’ll add some of my own collection when I get back home).
Then a long-time dream of mine came through: I finally got to ride in a horse drawn carriage, or Fiaker as they are called here. It was great, especially as the weather was so fine. I had to restrain myself from waving at everyone 🙂

When we got back to the flat, I did my homework for the skype meeting later that evening and Ann and Bénédicte went for a swim.
We concluded our day with a bottle off (red) bubbly and my pasta/pesto/chicken meal. Unfortunately there are no pictures of this: we were too thirsty and hungry and all was gone before we could take a picture.

Tuesday 7 June
A resting day for me with some blogging and writing in general and preparing a tapas meal for the evening.
Bénédicte and Ann went to the “Museumsquartier”. As you know, they don’t take pictures, but you can have a look at what this venue entails on their website by clicking here.
We enjoyed our tapas on the balcony and our thought were at the Schönbrunn Palace where we’re heading tomorrow.IMG_8480


6 comments on “Vienna 2016 (2/1)

  1. Looks like you had a great time!

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  2. Oh dear Ann! No wonder you dislike flying!! So glad you relaxing and enjoying Vienna now. Looking forward to your pics xoxo

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  3. Good story Ann! I am a little jealous, but I will be there again in October!

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