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Maison Elza

Hello everyone!
I don’t only like cooking and baking, but I also like eating (now, there’s a surprise) and thought it would be great to share my favourite eateries with you. Both those in my hometown Ghent and those I go to on my travels. Who knows,… you may be able to try them yourself one day.
So today, I’m starting something new: Tearooms & Coffeehouses.
First on the list is Maison Elza in Ghent.
Happy reading.

Maison Elza

Stepping into Maison Elza, is entering a whole different world. A leap of nearly 100 years to be exact.IMG_7132

Owner Freddy turned the famous lobster restaurant he had been running for years into a cosy Roaring Twenties inspired establishment. It is filled with hundreds of knick-knacks, some of them from the 19th century. Together with the soft French music, the gentle table setting and the warm welcome, they create a homely feel. As one image says more than a thousand words, I’ll let you have a look inside Maison Elza: the pictures will tell you more than I could ever describe.

And it seems this blog is not the only place where i combine my hobbies LOL.IMG_7117

I have been looking for a place to combine having tea or coffee with doing some writing. More than two weeks, I planned to stop work at four and go to Maison Elza. Unfortunately, something else always came up. Until last Thursday that is. I left work at four and was at a table at Maison Elza ten minutes later.

I was immediately taken with the place and was given a seat near the chimney, where a kind lady kept me company.

Maison Elza offers three services: breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. The latter gives you the choice between a quick tea and Elza’s afternoon tea. For your quick tea you get three freshly baked scones, jam, cream and coffee or tea. Elza’s afternoon tea is a proper afternoon tea with sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, pastries and coffee or tea.
I had the quick tea. The scones were fingerlickingly good: warm, fluffy, well risen and perfect with the locally made Callas confiture. I like my tea very strong and getting some extra tea in the strainer was no problem. Yummy English Breakfast tea with milk. Heaven! And I even got some writing done.

Upon leaving, when Freddy asked me what I thought of the scones and said they were marvellous, I told him I made scones a lot in the past and they never turned out perfectly until I discovered some tips last year. He called for Magda and before I knew it, I was telling the lady, who makes perfectly wonderful scones, the tips I had picked up. She was very interested and was going to keep them in mind. I went home a happy girl.IMG_7109

Whilst browsing the menu on Thursday, I discovered something in the breakfast section I’ve always wanted to try but never had or made: eggs benedict. I had to go into town for some shopping yesterday morning and called my best friend Bénédicte to see if she was interested in breakfast out to start our weekend. She was. We were the first in, received the usual warm welcome and got a seat with view of the Castle of the Counts (behind the tree). IMG_7124Bénédicte went for Earl Grey tea and I for a latte. We both had eggs benedict with smoked salmon and extra bread. I’m pleased to say that the butter was soft and easily spreadable. That is not always the case. I can’t count the time I have had ice cold butter which I couldn’t put on my bread. But not here. I don’t have words for the breakfast other than is was scrumptious!!!

We agreed we would be back to check out the other breakfast options, which looked great on the other guests’ tables, but we are first setting a date to have Elza’s afternoon tea very soon.


Maison Elza
Jan Breydelstraat 36
9000 Gent
Tel.: +32 9 225 21 28
Breakfast: 9 till 11 a.m.
Lunch: noon till 2.30 p.m.
Afternoon tea: 2.30 till 5.30 p.m.


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