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Aaron the Dragon. Chapter 3.

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while since I last posted bits of my writing.

So here’s the third chapter of Aaron the Dragon.

Happy reading!



Aaron the Dragon. Chapter 3.
The Birthday Party At Dragonstein

Aaron also woke up by Booster’s shouting. He got up immediately and plumped up his pillow and patchwork quilt. He made his bed, put his teddy bear back on its favourite spot at the head of the bed and turned on his radio. He hummed while preparing his breakfast and set the table whilst dancing. Then he took a jug of hot chocolate, the bread and the chocolate spread to the table. He poured himself a cup of chocolate and prepared his sandwich. Meanwhile he listened to the radio and enjoyed his breakfast. After having done the dishes, he took a basket to pick some grass to make a delicious soup for lunch.

Wearing a hat on his head and a scarf around his neck, Aaron left his mountain carrying his basket. At the foot of the mountain he filled his basket with grass until it is half full. When he turned to go to the other side of the mountain, because that’s where some marvellous thistles grew, which are very yammy in the soup, he could hear the inhabitants of Dragonvillage sing under Petra’s window.
“Very funny,” he thought by himself. “They’re celebrating again down there. And who’s left here alone on the mountain? Me.”
Feeling very sad, Aaron went to the spot where the delicious thistles grew. He filled his basket and went back home. He looked in the direction of the village and the castle beyond once more and tears came to his eyes when he saw how festively Piggy Swine was decorating the castle.
“It’s not fair. I can never join the celebrations. And I like that so much, celebrating and making music. But no-one wants to have fun with me.” He continued walking and thought very hard “I’ll go and play the flute. I don’t need anyone to do that and it cheers me up. I really need that now, otherwise those horrible animals from down there will end up spoiling my day.”
He went home feeling a bit better, prepared the soup for lunch and got a case from under the bed. He opened the locks and took out a beautiful golden flute. He sat down at the entrance of his mountain and whistled merry dance tunes. Doing that, he lost sight of everyone.

Down at Dragonvillage everyone was getting ready for the party at Dragonstein. Jeep the Sheep ate his last blade of grass whilst Crocodile Lyle and Sean Swan took a last refreshing dive in the lake. Pat the Cat quickly wrapped Petra’s’ present and finally all animals gathered at the market square ready to leave.
It was a funny sight all those animals on their way to Dragonstein. Pat the Cat next to Booster the Rooster, Tiger the Silent silently behind Sean Swan who was walking between Crocodile Lyle and Ape Abe and talking cheerfully at the same time. Claire Bear was wearing her favourite striped jumper and accompanied Gigi Giraffe and Trunk-Trunk Elephant in the fire engine. The last one were Penguin Lin with Jeep at her side and Jake The Snake next to Joyce the Tortoise. Everybody had taken something for Petra, something large, something small, something soft or something delicious.

After having walked a while, they arrived at Dragonstein. They got a warm welcome from King George, Queen Georgette and Princess Georgina. Petra Zebra and Doctor Rox the Fox had also arrived. Everyone complimented Piggy Swine for decorating the castle so beautifully. The inner court yard was decorated with colourful balloons and a large table had been put in the middle which the presents were placed upon. Three tables, full with the most delicious snacks and drinks, were put next to one another on the other side of the court yard. The tables were brightly decorated with streamers and confetti. There was something to eat for everyone’s taste. Piggy and Princess Georgina had made up some games which they would play later on in the garden.

The music was turned on, everybody ate, danced or just talked. The party had begun.



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