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Easter menu

Hello everyone!

We’ve been talking about Easter recipes and traditions in our Joyful Warrior group.

That made me think it was high time, even it being just me on my own this Easter, to have a proper Sunday lunch again.
I used to make one at least every two weeks since I moved into my own place but stopped doing so about 2.5 years ago as I didn’t want to go through all the trouble just for myself (read: didn’t want to do all that washing up).

So this Easter marks the rebirth of Sunday lunch at my place.

Here’s what will be on the menu. There are some old favourites and new things to try out.

I hope this will inspire you for your own Easter menu.

Happy Easter!



Easter menu

Drinks and appetizers

The appetizers are three of my favourites, which I have made many times before:

For drinks I’ll be making Pineapple Bellini. Hey if Tia Mowry can make mango ones, why can’t I use pineapple? I’ll let you know how I get on


  • I LOVE chicken and garlic, so I thought I’d have a go at mixing a  few recipes and see how it turns out. Will keep you posted.
  • I’ll be making my mashed potatoes again!.
  • As for the vegetables, I’ll be making carrots and beans.

Afternoon tea

I will have my favourite tea: rooibos/orange and I’ll bake a frangipane tart, a recipe from my time at baking school. Will share very soon.


During my shopping trip today, I found this cute Easter pasta. IMG_6572Perfect for an Easter Mac & Cheese, another recipe I’ll be posting before the month’s up.


And of course there will be chocolate treats. I got these beautiful ones this morning and will be getting some small chocolate eggs later this week. I’ll probably live dangerously and have some fruit in between meals as well 🙂IMG_6579


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