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Annabel Doll’s garter stitch outfit

Hi everyone!

In this post, I will tell you how to make Annabel’s first outfit. The clothes can be used for all the human, rabbit and duck dolls. All of them, except the hat, which won’t fit the rabbits and ducks 🙂

Happy knitting.



This is how I left Annabel Doll a while ago after having filled her:IMG_4675

Annabel Doll’s garter stitch outfit

Garter stitch skirt

  • Beginning at the lower end, cast on 66 sts.
  • G-st 12 rows.
  • K1, K2tog, K1 (34 sts).
  • K 2 rows.
  • Cast off yarn and leave a lond end.
  • Join the back seam with the long end you have from casting off.
  • Sew the top of the skirt to the first row of the jumper of the doll.


Garter stitch cape

  • Beginning at the bottom, cast on 34 sts.
  • G-st 6 rows.
  • (K2, K2tog) x8, K2 (26 sts).
  • G-st 3 rows.
  • (K1, K2tog) x8, K2 (18 sts).
  • Cast off but don’t cut the yarn.
  • Transfer last st to a crochet hook and make a chain of 25 sts, then cut off the yarn and pull through loop.
  • Crochet a chain of 25 sts on the other top side of the cape.
  • Using a tapestry needle, weave in all the loose ends and cut them off.
  • Cut the loose ends of both chains.


Garter stitch hat

  • Begin at the lower end and cast on 35 sts.
  • G-st 10 rows.
  • (K2, K2tog) x8, K3 (27 sts).
  • G-st 1 row.
  • (K1, K2tog) to end (18 sts).
  • G-st 1 row.
  • K1, K2tog x8, K1 (10 sts).
  • BOPT leaving a very long thread.
  • Close the hat with mattress stich.
  • Do not cut off the yarn but use it to sew the hat to the head at the last row in skin colour.


This is what Annabel looks like in her garter stitch outfit:


Please check this list for abbreviations used.

You can find the explanation to attach the hair here.




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