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Salopette dress

Hi everyone

Here’s something else: a dress. This pattern combines knitting with crochet and requires two little buttons for the back.

I hope you’ll like making this as much as I do.

Happy knitting.



Salopette dress

  • Beginning at the lower end, cast on 66 sts.
  • Beginning with K row, st-st 10 rows.
  • K1, K2tog, K1 (34 sts).
  • K 3 rows.
  • In the following row cast off 10 sts, K5, cast off 4 sts, K5, cast off 10 sts, leaving a long end.IMG_4866
  • * G-st over the first 5 sts until there are 18 ribs on the front.
  • K2, yo, K2tog, K1.
  • G-st 3 rows.
  • Cast off *.
  • Repeat on the other set of 5 sts from * to *.
  • Weave in all the short ends.
  • Join the back seam with the long end you have from casting off.
  • Attach the buttons at the back of the dress.
  • Insert the crochet needle in any of the sts at the back.
  • Ch 4, skip 1 st, dc in the next st, * ch 1, skip 1 st, dc in the next st *, repeat from * to *, end with ch 1 and close in the third of the ch 4 at the beginning.IMG_4867
  • *Work 4 dc in the first ch 1 space, work 1 sc in the next ch 1 space*, repeat from * to * and close in the top of the first dc.IMG_4868
  • Sew the top of the skirt to the first row of the jumper of the doll.
  • Flap the strips to the back and close them with a button. You can choose to cross the strips at the back or not. They look a bit naughty when you cross them on the front.

Please check this list for knitting abbreviations used.

For crochet abbreviations, check this list.



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