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Long trousers

Hi everyone

I haven’t posted descriptions for dolls’ clothes in a long time.

With Easter approaching, I thought I’d let you have some get Annabel Rabbit, Thomas Duck, Annabel Duck and Thomas Rabbit get ready for the big day.

But remember, you can also use these clothes for “human” dolls.

This pattern is for a pair of long trousers. You need very little yarn, in your favourite colour, and it is a quick project.

Happy knitting.



Long trousers

Leg (make 2)

  • * Begin at the lower end and cast on 26 sts.
  • K 2 rows.
  • Beginning with a K row, st-st 8 rows*.
  • Break off yarn and leave a long end.
  • Transfer the sts to a spare needle.
  • Work the second leg the same way from * to * but don’t break off the yarn.

Upper part

  • K across the sts on the needle and across those on the spare needle, knitting the last st of the one leg together with the first st of the second leg (51 sts).
  • St-st 7 rows.
  • (K1, K2tog) to end (34 sts).
  • K 2 rows.
  • Cast off leaving a long end.
  • Join the back seam and one leg with the long end you have from casting off.
  • Join the second leg with the other long end you left.
  • Sew the top of the trousers to the first row of the jumper of the doll.


Please check this list for abbreviations used.


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