Vienna 2016 (1/4)

Hi everyone!

I wasn’t feeling 100% yesterday: running nose, sneezing every other second. So I decided to stay at the flat, rest, write and get ready for having my friends over.

Today, feeling a little better, I went out to a local museum and a great new souvenir shop. The day ended with the performance of Johann Strauss Son’s operetta Eine Nacht in Venedig at the Volksoper.

I can’t believe my stay is nearly over and I’m going back home tomorrow.

So here’s a last report from Vienna.



Monday 14 March

Johann Strauss Father’s birthday 🙂

I got up late, went to the supermarket for some last minute shopping and got started on dinner.

Before M&M (Michaela and Marion) arrived I had a little nap and did some writing.

We had a most enjoyable evening, though I wish I hadn’t felt so off-colour and been more entertaining. Michaela had brought some bubbly and appetizers which went down well. I served a variation of my spag bol and we had ice cream and coffee for dessert.


Tuesday 15 March

Happy Birthday Eduard Strauss!

Got up feeling a bit better but my nose is still running faster than I am and I think I set a new world record sneezing.

After my shower and breakfast I went to the Bezirksmuseum Wieden, the local museum of the district Wieden.

It is the district where Johann Strauss Son lived and died, so I thought I’d see a few things concerning him. I did but not nearly as many as I would have wanted.

It’s a small museum in a former bathing house. In a part of it you can see the former shower room and some interesting signs.

From the museum I went to a new souvenir shop near the Hofburg, which I had discovered when I was last here in July. They had their own franchise developed, which is very nice. I couldn’t resist buying a pencase, cloth to clean my glasses, a notebook (you can’t have enough notebooks) and an Iphone cover.

On my way, I did a bit of sightseeing too:

Kunsthistorisches Museum and Naturhistorisches Museum




Stables of the Spanish Riding School (look: the horses are saying hello!)


St Stephen’s Cathedral

After that I went back to the flat for some lunch, writing and getting reading to go to the opera.IMG_6507

I met my friend Michaela at the tram station and we went to the Volksoper together.IMG_6508
It was a great performance of Johann Strauss Son’s operetta Eine Nacht in Venedig. I had expected no less! The operettas here remind me of the ones I used to go and see when I was a child. And I don’t only mean the music, but the scenery as well. The casting was superb: all the main roles were sung and acted beautifully! The orchestra was conducted by Alfred Eschwé, a connaiseur of Strauss music.

The picture of me and Michaela has turned out a bit strange. We wanted to take a selfie, but there were mirrors and I just took pictures without us being really ready for it.IMG_6512
I can’t offer you any pictures of the performance, as it wasn’t allowed to take any. But here’s an impression of the auditorium.

This was my last full day of a busy week in Vienna. I’m flying back tomorrow afternoon and will be at my desk at work Thursday morning.

I hope you liked the reports.


2 comments on “Vienna 2016 (1/4)

  1. Dankjewel Ann, ik dacht bijna alles te hebben gezien van Strauss in Wenen.

    Aan het Bezirksmuseum Wieden heb ik nooit gedacht. Staat op m’n programma

    bij een volgend Wien-bezoek. Groetjes en goede reis terug naar Gent.


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