Vienna 2016 (1/3)

Hello everyone!
The weekend has been very busy. So much so, I haven’t found the time to write anything down.
But I’m making up for it now.
Here’s the report of the weekend.

Friday 11 March

My third day in Vienna and Elly’s second, started, how else, with breakfast. Looking out of the window, we realised it wouldn’t be as beautiful a day as the one before. But that didn’t put us off. After having eaten, we continued the Strauss walk I’m preparing and went past some more of Vienna’s must-see buildings:



Tourist officeIMG_6074

Augustiner KircheIMG_6073

Kapuziner Gruft & Kapuziner Kirche


Evangelische KircheIMG_6084



Otto Wagner’s Stadtbahn Station KarlsplatzIMG_6106


Of course we couldn’t miss a visit to „our man in Vienna“: Johann Strauss. Well, his golden statue that is.IMG_6115
On our way to the University, where the lectures of the Tanz-Signale were held, we got something to eat and had a picnic before getting absorbed in the world of Strauss.

The programme was full on with many interesting lectures.

The day ended with a presentation at the Musiksammlung der Wienbibliothek about two of Josef Strauss’s works that have been found and published to be performed again. The talk was rounded off with the piano version of one of them.

Before going back to the flat, we went for a bite to eat at the, so I’m told, best Würstelstand in town: the one at the Albertina. I can’t believe I never had a Wurstl in Vienna before! Thank Elly for the idea and the treat.

Saturday 12 March

Oh my goodness! This was a very, very full day of interesting lectures beginning very early.

Late afternoon, we were treated to a concert with works of Eduard Strauss. His great great great grandson Thomas Strauss talked us through the pieces played by the ensemble Studio da camera.

Afterwards Elly and I went for dinner with our friends Peter Kemp, THE authority on Strauss research, and George Hamilton, an American who’s lived in Vienna for a verrrryyyyyy looooong time. On my menu: Bärlauchsuppe (sorry don’t know the English word for it but please let men know if you do), another Wiener Schitzel and my first Holunderwasser (elderflower cordial).

Sunday 13 March

No more lectures but a concert by the Neuen Wiener Concert Schrammeln in a Heurige in the morning. We had lunch there: my third Wiener Schnitzel. How things can go. During my three weeks’ stay here last summer I didn’t have one Schnitzel. Now I’ve had three in one week!!! And Elly was so kind to share her Kaiserschmar’n with me.

the afternoon we headed to the Museum of the Strauss Dynasty for a talk about the family history by Thomas Strauss and his father Eduard.

Before that started, Elly and I were bestowed the honorary membership of the Kulturverein Wiener Blut, that runs the museum, for having translated their catalogue into Dutch.IMG_6356
Afterwards we treated everyone to some Dutch and Flemish foodie goodies. Unfortunately Elly had to leave before serving them, as she had to catch her plane back home.
After the do, I went home, relaxed a bit and had an early night.

Once again, it was a full on but interesting Tanz-Signale and I’m looking forward to coming back next year, as the theme will be 150 years Blue Danube Waltz.



4 comments on “Vienna 2016 (1/3)

  1. Sounds like a really good time was had by all? The photos brought back memories of the visits that I have made to Vienna over the years since 1967.My last was 2004.

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