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Vienna 2016 (1/2)

Goodmorning from Vienna everyone!

I had a wonderful second day yesterday.

It started with some work from home and shopping.

Then my friend Elly from the Netherlands arrived and we had a great first day together.

Here’s what we’ve been up to.



Nothing like a good breakfast to start the day. Being away from home inspired me to go healthy again for my first meal of the day: overnight oats with blueberries. Strawberries and pineapple for extra fruit. And tea. No breakfast without it. Looking out of the window led me to believe it was going to be a sunny day and so it was!

After having showered, I went shopping and got everything ready to welcome Elly.

I am working on a Strauss walk in Vienna which I hope to walk with groups this summer. Elly and I did some of it to record the timing between the stops.IMG_5991

We went past some iconic buildings:




Palais TodescoIMG_6013

Kärntnerstrasse with St Stephen’s Cathedral in the backgroundIMG_6016

Technische UniversitätIMG_6018



Vienna being the city of coffeehouses and pastries, we couldn’t resist to stop for an Apfelstrudel with coffee (or a cola light in Elly’s case) at one of my favourite places: Café Museum.

After a stop at Crabtree and Evelyn’s to get some goodies for friends back home (and myself) we set off for the Rathaus for the first part of Tanz-Signale: the Wiener Vorlesung in the magnificent Festsaal, where members of the Strauss family once performed.

We got there via the festive staircase.

There were a couple of talks all under the theme Struktur und Melodie der Stadt 1916 (Structure and Melodie of the city in 1916).

The wonderful Die Neuen Wiener Concert Schrammeln played some beautiful music, mostly by Eduard Strauss.IMG_6060

We ended our day with some bubbly and Dutch sweet treats.IMG_6062

Today we’ll continue the walk and then go for a full Tanz-Signale programme, but more about that tomorrow!


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