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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good start into the new year.

My Christmas was special. For the first time I had people over I got to know over the internet (I’ve had some over before, but not on a special occasion). I must say it wasn’t totally what I had expected.
One of them turned out to be very different than she led us believe. She called me a horrible person and made me feel very uncomfortable in my own home. I won’t go into the details here but I must say I was rather happy when she decided to leave a few days before Christmas (and am a bit ashamed of feeling like that at the same time).

Mandy, my other guest, was great and we had a lovely time visiting Ghent, the seaside and spending Christmas together.

I spent New Year’s Eve at my sister’s and had a jolly good time, ending with playing Yahtzee.

Today is the start of a new year.
That ALWAYS goes with spending the morning in my PJ’s and watching the New Year’s Day Concert from Vienna. It is a live transmission from the Musikverein in Vienna with lots of music by members of the Strauss family. No way I am to miss that, being a Strauss enthusiast (to use a nice word). The programme contains some well-known and lesser known works by Robert Stolz, Johann Strauss son, Carl Michael Ziehrer, Eduard Strauss, Josef Strauss, Emile Waldteufel, Josef Hellmesberger sen. and Johann Strauss the elder.
Musikverein 2Another thing that goes with the beginning of a new year is making some resolutions. Whether or not I will keep them is another thing. But thinking back at the ones I made for 2015, I did not do a bad job. So here I go:

  • Finally finish knitting the two octopus dolls I promised Angela.
  • Knit my usual dolls for charity (and maybe making something extra, seeing they were so happy with the Christmas stockings and Christmas decorations I gave them now).
  • Together with my friend Elly I am translating the museum catalogue for the new Strauss museum in Vienna. We are nearly there, I only have to read through it one last time and make some more corrections.
  • I would also like to finish my research on the Strauss graves this year. I have to go through some information about Johann Strauss son and then the Dutch version will be ready. I’ll put translating it into English and German on next year’s resolution list J
  • I have an idea for a Strauss walk in Vienna and would like to work out the details this year.
  • Also I would like to do some non-intellectual and non- crafty things for myself like keeping up walking all the way to work a few times a week, go out for a coffee once in a while, meet up with friends,…
  • As I didn’t do Christmas presents for friends, I will send them something special for their birthdays in 2016.
  • On a short term basis I would like to finish my ‪#‎30daysofyoga an initiative of my friend Sally. I have never done yoga before (even though I’ve had a yoga mat for a couple of months now) and have found some nice videos on YouTube I think I can do. We have to find 10 minutes every day to do some yoga, starting today. Wish me luck!

My champagne is chilled. The appetizers are ready. I have the TV on for the concert. The do not disturb sign is on the door. Let 2016 begin!


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