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Christmas in Vienna


I love going to Vienna. Together with London it is on top of my list of cities I visit again, again and again. I’ve been there in all the seasons over the past 20 years. The main reason for me going to Vienna so often was (and still is) my interest in the musical Strauss family. Now I have many friends there and I like exploring the city with my Belgian friends who come to stay at the flat I rent too.

Christmas in Vienna is special. To me anyway. It is like home, but better. But Vienna is always like home 🙂

As you know, an image says a thousand words. So instead of me trying to explain, I’ll just let you enjoy the pictures.



Street decoration
The Christmas street decoration is among the most beautiful I have ever seen. Here are some that blew me away.


Christmas markets
There are so many Christmas markets in Vienna that you need a couple of days to visit them all. They have wooden cabins where people sell all things Christmassy, gifts and mulled wine. Of course.
At the Belvedere Palace.

At the Schönbrunn Palace.

At the Maria TheresiaPlatz.

At the Rathaus. One of the most touristy and busy ones but I love it. There are all sorts of lights in the trees, arches with moving sceneries and the usual wooden cabins.

Concert at the Musikverein
One year, I was lucky to get a ticket for the New Year’s Eve concert by the Wiener Philharmoniker in the Musikverein. The concert was in the Brahms-Saal, not the hall where the New Year’s Day concert is held. It was a wonderful concert. One of the best I’ve ever been to. It was my friend George who recommended the it. So on my first day in Vienna that year, I went to the Musikverein to get my ticket. Guess what happened on the night of the concert? I found myself sitting next to George!!! If we would have wanted to get seats next to eachother we wouldn’t have got them 🙂


And no New Year celebrations without fireworks.


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