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In Nigella Christmas Nigella says this is an all-round Christmas drink. I agree. But I must admit I have served it at dinner parties all year round and never had any complaints. The latter  may be due to the fact that this drink is very boozy. I mean, it’s rather sweet and drinks like lemonade. So you get tipsy before you know it.

This year, I will the recipe a bit in order to be able to make it in advance and let the flavours absorb each other. I will add a picture when I have made it. Meanwhile one of the flower the drink is named after.





  • 1 x 75 cl dry white wine (chilled)
  • 125 ml Grand Marnier (chilled)
  • 500 ml cranberry juice (chilled)


  • Mix all the beverages in a large pitcher and leave in the fridge for a few hours.


  • I usually mix all the ingredients early in the morning and put them in the fridge for the flavours to absorb each other.
  • Nigella uses prosecco or fizzy dry wine for this recipe.



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