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Christmas menu 2015


I’d like to share my Christmas menu with you.

In Belgium it is custom to celebrate on Christmas eve with a meal and, if you’re into it, midnight Christmas mas.

As I like all things British, the last few years I have kept Christmas eve very simple and made a turkey lunch on Christmas Day.

This year will be different. I have friends coming over from abroad and I’d like them to have a “typical” Belgium Christmas eve. My sister and my best friend are also coming.
We are having drinks and appetizers, gourmet (together with fondue a favourite of the Belgians this time of the year. You prepare your own meat or fish at the table) and we finish with bûche de Noël (a kind of Swiss roll with buttercream filling).

Christmas day will be turkey day as usual 🙂 My friend Sally has made a post about her Thanksgiving menu and you can use lots of these recipes for Christmas too. I will try some of them for the first time this year. One is for turkey: it’ll be the first time in nearly 10 years I haven’t made a turkey the Nigella way.

Some of the pictures in this post are those I took the past years. You’ll see my Christmas tree decoration, table setting, table decoration,… I’ll show you this year’s shortly after the big day.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!



Christmas menu 2015


Christmas evening

Drinks and appetizers

Mulled wine


Italian kebabs


Simple hummus


5-4-3-2-1 meatballs


Salted nuts, vegetable sticks and crisps

Gourmet = meat, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, carrots, potatosalad, bread, various sauces

Bûche de Noël (which, I won’t make myself as my local bakers has very lovely ones) and coffee or tea (whatever everyone wants)taart


Christmas day

Christmas morning muffins  with Cranberry-Orange-Marmelade

Drinks and appetizers
These will be the same as Christmas evening (but freshly made of course)

For the brining I will use this recipe Turkey and for baking it I will follow Nigella’s instructions.


Mashed potato


Roasted Brussels Sprouts


Creamy garlic mushrooms

Carbernet cranberry and blueberry sauce

cranberry sauce


Chestnut chocolate pots

chestnut chocolate pots


I like putting small Christmas ornaments in jars. Looks pretty. Easy to clean. Christmassy tins for biscuits and sweets are a must too. As is a crochet tissue box cover in Christmas colours.


Tree and table
With knitted tree decoration as you can see 🙂
03 tree and table


Sometimes I put menus at the plates. Candles are a must (in handmade holders or glass ones). And last year I made a knitted napkin ring in the shape of a Christmas stocking.


Name tags
I like doing something different with the name tags every year. Be it a knitted Christmas stocking with the first letter of the guest’s name, a card in a Christmas bauble or the first letter of the guest’s name made in salt dough under a glass with some small baubles and a candle on top.
This year, I made some large salt dough decorations which I am using as name tags. But instead of indicating myself who will be sitting next to whom, I will leave it to Lady Luck: I have printed a picture of the ornaments and will cut each of them out, fold them and put them in a small box. When my guests arrive, they have to grab a paper from the box and their seat will be where the decoration depicted on the paper lies on the plate.
02 name tag 0102 name tag and napkin ring02 napkin ring02 name tag 03


Breakfast table
This is what the breakfast table looked like two years ago. Yes, with Christmas mugs. I’m a mug addict, so I have to have mugs for every occasion. And the mugs come in the tins you can see in the Decoration section above. Nothing like have a biscuit from a tin and tea from a mug with the same picture on it. I think 🙂
04 breakfast table









I found the gourmet pictures here  and here. The bûche de Noël picture is from here.


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