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Nachtrustthee – Tea for a peaceful night


I found this recipe in Kado’s uit eigen keuken (Gifts from the kitchen) and recently tried it for the first time.

This tea reminded me of something that happened to me when I was at college. I used to make “normal” tea for me and my friend. One day when we were studying for our exams, she offered to make tea. She made a huge pot of camomile tea and we drank one cup after the other. A while later, we started to feel tired and were nearly falling asleep on top of our books. It took a while before she realised that her grandmother drank camomile tea to help her fall asleep. A loud laugh and a long walk later we were back at our books. But we never had camomile tea again 🙂

I had never used dried rose petals in my cooking before and I must say I like it a lot in this tea.

Hope you will too.



Nachtrustthee – Tea for a peaceful night


  • 20 g dried camomile
  • 20 g dried lemon balm
  • 20 g dried passion flower
  • 10 g dried rose petals


  • Mix all the ingredients.
  • Store in an airtight container or tin.
  • Use one teaspoon for one cup of tea (less or more to personal taste).

07 Nachtrustthee


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