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Aaron the Dragon. Chapter 1.

Hello Everyone!

Aaron the Dragon is the first story I ever wrote. It underwent little changes when I picked up things that could be improved when I went to writing class.

Here’s the first chapter.

I hope you’ll like it.

Happy reading.



Aaron the Dragon. Chapter one.
The characters of this story

Somewhere in the world, there’s a country, a beautiful country called Happy-Land. The inhabitants are well-off. They grow vegetables and fruit on the fields. There is enough to eat and to drink for everyone. Everyone has his house, there are shops and schools. No, they have nothing to complain about those Happy-Landers.
To the west Happy-Land borders on the Deep Blue Sea. It is very busy at the coast in summer.
Frightening Creatures Wood is the eastern border.
When you go through the wood, you reach Centauria, the land of Empress Centauriana. She reigns over a nation of strange creatures that frighten everyone. They are half human, half horse.
In the North there is the Longdistancetop, a chain of mountains that are hundred meters heigh and have never been climbed by anyone.
On the other side of the chain of mountains lies Nomansland.

In the middle, right in the middle of Happy-Land, there is a large, high, hollow mountain. Only one somebody lives in that mountain, Aaron the Dragon. His house is very cosily decorated: comfortable chairs covered with colourful fabric, a table with giant cups and saucers and in the farthest corner a huge bed with a brightly coloured patchwork quilt and an enormous brown teddy bear. There is a large open space in the middle, which is used for dancing. Aaron just loves dancing and parties. He loves music and plays the flute beautifully. But Aaron doesn’t have any friends and has to do all these pleasant things all by himself.

At the foot of the mountain lies Dragonvillage with its cheerful inhabitants.
Pat the Cat lives in the Woolhouse. She knits the warmest jumpers, socks and scarves for whoever wants her to.
Booster the Rooster lives in the henhouse in the middle of the marketplace: a perfect spot for waking everyone up in the morning.
Tiger the Silent chose a high tree at the outskirts of the village for his home. Tiger doesn’t say a lot, but when he does, it is very interesting. When he’s in a good mood, he can tell marvellous stories.
The lake in the park is inhabited by the waterfriends Sean Swan and Crocodile Lyle.
Ape Abe is Dragonvillage’s mailman. On top of the post office lies Raven Black’s nest: he’s Abe’s help. Whenever the inhabitants of the village send letters or postcards to their family, Raven makes sure they reach their destination.
Claire Bear sells the most delicious bread in the whole village and on top of the bakery Narrow Sparrow found herself a home.
Gigi Giraffe and Trunk-Trunk Elephant are the village’s firemen. With their long neck and trunk they are the ideal animals to make sure everything turns out well in case of a fire.
There is also a grocer’s in Dragonvillage. Penguin Lin is the shopkeeper.
The meadow just outside the village belongs to Jeep the Sheep.
Millar the Caterpillar does not have a house of his own. All day long he runs to and fro and when dusk falls, he always finds a place to sleep.
Jake the Snake is the village’s chimney sweep. With his long, lithe body chimney sweeping is done in a jiffy.
Doctor Rox the Fox and nurse Petra Zebra live in the hospital and quickly make all the ill better.
Joyce the Tortoise is the owner of the florist shop and makes sure the houses of Dragonvillage are brightened up with fragrant and colourful flowers.

Behind Dragonvillage one can find Dragonstein, a huge castle with graceful turrets.
King George and Queen Georgette live there with their daughter Georgina.
At the castle Piggy Swine is the jack-of-all-trades. She takes care that everything is tidy; she cooks the most delicious meals, which the royal family eat with great relish and she looks after the garden.

All inhabitants of Dragonvillage and Dragonstein get along marvellously. They sometimes have arguments, of course, but those are settled as soon as possible. In fact, everyone gets along great with everybody.
Except…except with Aaron the Dragon.
No-one can explain why it happens but suddenly without any warning Aaron starts to shout so loudly that huge flames come out of his mouth. This way he has caused many fires in the neighbourhood of Dragonvillage. Luckily the village has Gigi Giraffe and Trunk-Trunk Elephant, who take control of the fire very quickly, and Rox the Fox and Petra Zebra, who help the patients immediately.

© Ann Goormachtigh 08/10/2015


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