The Joyful Warrior Healthy Menu Planning Challenge

Hi Everyone!

This time last year, I started to watch my diet because I wanted to lose weight and feel fitter.
I had tried to lose weight before that but it never really got where I wanted it to go.
Taking the last three months of last year off from work helped a lot. I could completely concentrate on the changes in my life.

Leading up to my decision to finally alter something, I stumbled on many websites telling me what the best way was to handle it. They seemed very contradictory and some of them horribly strict.

Then I came to the website of this lovely lady. In one of her posts Sally talked about taking small steps, about eating what you want, making positive changes in your eating habits, exercising, drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit. And suddenly there was this little bug in my head that said I could do it.
I scanned the complete website and didn’t only find great recipes to help me with my diet but also great tips to go with it and some funny posts too:

I also saw the section about meeting over the internet and helping me with my goals, but at that time I wasn’t ready to give that a go.

I started to drink lots of water, eat lots of fruit and finally got on my exercise bike again. After a month or so I was feeling better. I even lost two kilo’s and found the courage to contact Sally to tell her what a positive impact she, unknowingly, had had on me and to ask for her help.

We had meetings for a few months and I learned a lot from her. Things I still practice today and some of which I have shared with friends.

At the end of May Sally lauched the “Joyful Warrior 30 Days in 30 days – 2015” challenge. People could sign up and had to create time for themselves to focus on themselves for every day during a period of 30 days. I joined the Facebook group that goes with it and found a lot of support from the ladies I got to know there. Even when the challenge was over, we kept posting on the Facebook page. It is a great place to visit every day, not necessarily for posting but for reading other posts, liking and commenting on them.

I love cooking and a few weeks ago, I suggested to launch a food related challenge. Sally was up for it and the Joyful Warrior Healthy Menu Planning Challenge was born.

Here’s what we have to do:

  • Set a three course menu (first, main, dessert).
  • People who are more comfortable with making appetizers to go with drinks before dinner, can do that instead of a first dish.
  • Those who like to make things to go with coffee after dinner, can do that instead of the dessert.
  • We have to use at least one of Sally’s recipes and add at least one of our own (or one you like very much).
  • The menus must be healthy.
  • As we all have busy lives, it would be a plus if our recipes would be quick and/or easy to make and/or prepareable beforehand and/or freezeable and/or vegetarian and/or gluten free.
  • Deadline is 1 November.

To enter the challenge we have to post pictures of our menu on the Joyful Warrior Healthy Menu Planning Challenge board on Pinterest. Please send me your email and we will add you to the pinterest board so you can share pictures of your finished meals..

I’m up for it. I’ve already got my menu worked out, all I have to do is to test all the recipes.

Would you like to participate too? No problem. You know what to do 🙂
I can’t wait to see how many of you will submit something and what the entries will be.

Happy cooking!



3 comments on “The Joyful Warrior Healthy Menu Planning Challenge

  1. Awesome Ann! I am excited about this Joyful Warrior Healthy Menu Challange! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    Liked by 1 person

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