Picnic for the movers


My friend Wietske is helping her elderly mother move from the family home of more than 40 years into a new flat today.

She has some people over to help her with the move as well as her and her sister’s children to keep an eye on.

You know how it goes in these situations: so little time, so much to do. And in this case: where to fit in preparing lunch for 12 people? You can’t let your helpers get hungry or you’ll never finish!

That’s why I thought it would be nice to prepare her a picnic, so she doesn’t need to worry about what will be where on the menu.

This was an ideal “list” situation. The first I made was for the timing: setting up the menu, shopping and preparing everything. That lead to a list for the things I’d prepare for the picnic. Before going shopping, I made one of the things to buy.

Here’s what I made:


The last list I made was one with a listing of the containers I put the salads and other stuff in. I’m not the only person in the world to have Tupperware and other containers, so I made a list, took a picture of it and when things are returned to me, I can check if I got everything back.


I hope the move goes well and Wietske’s mother settles in her new place soon.




4 comments on “Picnic for the movers

  1. Ann, this superb picnic lunch made our moving day a whole lot easier! Everyone loved the food, especially the carrot soup & the cake, of course! Thx so much, Wietske

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