Hello everyone!

Eeeek! I’m about to introduce the public to my writing.
Over the years, I have given some of my stories to friends to read themselves, read to their children or let their children read. But this is something else!

“Purple” is the first story I wrote on a commission. When I asked Elena in 2010, she was four and a half years old, what she would like to have in a story she said: the colour purple, a princess, a magic light, a lion, fairies and a normal light.
That got me thinking for a while, but finally resulted in this story.

Happy reading.



Purple. Purple? Purple!

Somewhere on the globe, nobody knows exactly where, there was a country. Nothing extraordinary you’d think. There are a lot of countries on the globe.
Hà! That’s what YOU think! But there was something special about this country.
Purple. Purple? Purple!
Everybody had something to do with the colour purple.

Princess Violet for example. A very beautiful girl. Her pitch black hair fell down her white face with red lips and blue eyes. She prefered wearing a yellow princess dress. Every day she walked about with a crown on her head. Not all princesses do so, but Violet did. Around her neck she always had a necklace with purple precious stones. It was her favourite piece of jewellery because of its colour.

The Princess lived in the middle of the country. In a purple castle. You know that kind of castles. There as a moat around it. You entered it via a drawbridge to find yourself in the courtyard. That’s where the stables were. The castle had many corridors and rooms, and seemed just like a maze if you didn’t know your way around. And towers. The castle had a lot of towers, each of them decorated with a colourful flag.

In one of those towers, the one with the purple flag on the top, lived the magic light Lavender. When it was in a good mood, it shone a purple light. It could talk too. Obviously. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been a magic light.

North of the castle there was a large forest. Not a regular one, but not a jungle either. All the trees had purple leaves. There lived two animals in the forest: Mauve, a lion with huge purple manes, and his friend Lilac, a purple crocodile. Every day they played amongst the trees and bathed in the purple river.

The fairy village was south of the castle. Many fairies lived there. But one of them was more special than the others. Her name was Amethyst. She looked rather funny. She always wore a crown on her purple hair. One that lit up. She prefered pink and black clothes. And yes. Oops! Nearly forgotten. She also had wings, of course. Small transparant wings. That’s how it is with fairies.

When you see Amethyst, Neon, an ordinary light, was never far away. They were the best of friends.

One day, something strange happened.
Violet and Lavender were in the tower with the pink flag. They were trying a new spell which would make the magic light shine pink. But it didn’t work out as planned.
‘Aba. Ibi. Ebe.’ The light clearly pronounced its spell. ‘I wish to shine like a cute little piggy.’ She smiled extra nicely, but that didn’t help. It shone blue.
Would she be more successful if the switched around the words? ‘Ebe. Ibi. Aba. I wish to shine like a cute little piggy.’ Her smile stretched from one side of her handle to the other. But this time she shone yellow.
‘Oh blast! It must be possible!’ Thought Lavender and tried it a third time. ‘Ibi. Aba. Ebe. I wish to shine like a cute little piggy.’ Together with a beautiful smile, of course! But it didn’t matter: now she shone red.
‘That’s strange.’ Said Violet. ‘You can turn into every colour of the rainbow, but not into pink. Hahahaha! Watch yourself now! You shine red with purple stripes!’
The magic light looked at herself, saw the stripes and burst into laughter. The magic spell had nearly lost its power and she was turning back into her normal colour.

Suddenly the castle began to shake and to tremble. Violet and Lavender slid from their chairs. The Princess bumped her head against the leg of the table and her friend rolled under the bookshelf for magic spells.

At that exact time, Mauve and Lilac were swimming in the river and were startled by an infernal noise. Just like an earthquake it seemed. Or an explosion.
‘Look!’ Lilac pointed behind her. ‘It seems to come from the castle! There’s a huge cloud above the building.’
‘You are right.’ Said Mauve. ‘Come on! Let’s go and have a look. Maybe we can help.’
The two friends left for the castle.

The rattling could also be heard in the fairy village. The fairies were having lunch. Amethyst sat at the head of the table and Neon circled above her head. Some of the fairies had fallen off their chairs because of the shaking. The cutlery and plates had also fallen on the ground. There was even a fairy that got knocked out by a spoon. The result of which was a whopper of a bump on her head. It was as large as a fairy egg. The other fairies were rather jealous.
‘What was that?’ a fairy with blue wings wanted to know.
‘No idea.’ Said a second one, who was wearing a red crown.
All the fairies began to speak at the same time. They all wanted to know what had happened.
‘It came from the castle.’ Thought Amethyst.
‘Come on Neon! Let’s go. Maybe something’s wrong with the Princess and the magic light. We’ll tell you all about it when we get back.’
The two of them left the fairy village

‘Woohoo! What was that?’ asked Violet and rubbed her head. Its meeting with the table leg proved very painful.
‘I don’t know.’ Lavender squeaked, rolling away from under the book shelf.
‘Good grief! What kind of light are you shining?’ Violet looked at the magic light. ‘Where has your purple light gone? You are shining colourless!’
‘Look who’s talking!’ answered Lavender. ‘The gems in your necklace look like simple crystals. Their purple colour has completely gone.’
The friends looked at eachother in surprise and cast their eyes through the room. Strange! The walls had lost their purple colour. Violet looked through the window and saw the castle walls were no longer purple either and the horses on the courtyard had lost their colour too.
‘Oh my!’ the friends shouted. ‘All the purple has gone! How on earth did that happen?’
Violet opened the door and ordered: ‘Come on Lavender! Let’s go downstairs. Let’s see if the purple has gone everywhere and how we can get it back.’
The magic light and the Princess went downstairs. Indeed, the purple had gone everywhere!

They arrived at the courtyard at the same time Mauve, Lilac, Amethyst and Neon did.
‘Hello Princess!’ they greeted Violet. ‘What happened here?’
The Princess shrugged her shoulders and answered: ‘I don’t know. Lavender tried a new spell but it didn’t work. Suddenly there was a horrible shaking. I bumped my head and Lavender rolled under the book case. When we got up, we saw there wasn’t any purple anymore.’
‘Very strange.’ thought Lilac.
‘We should investigate this.’ proposed Amethyst.
‘Yes we should!’ growled Mauve. ‘Who knows, we may find all the purple.’
‘OK, but we all stay together.’ suggested Lavender.
They all agreed and left. Mauve and Lilac in front. Behind them Amethyst with Neon on her side. Violet and Lavender were the last.

They crossed the castle and searched all the towers. They even looked in the cooking pans in the kitchen! But no use! They couldn’t find anything that could have caused the colour to disappear.

‘Are there any dungeons in the castle?’ Amethyst wanted to know.
‘Of course.’ answered Violet. ‘Shall we go and have a look?’
Everyone agreed and they set out for the dungeons. Neon and Lavender shone their brightest light and everyone saw where they were going. The friends searched all the corridors and rooms under the castle. Just as they were going to give up their search and return upstairs, they heard loud snoring.

It came from behind a door they hadn’t opened yet. Violet reached for the doorhandle with her left hand whilst Lavender shone above her head. The Princess pushed the doorhandle down and flung open the door. The snoring was deafening! Everyone went inside. They couldn’t believe their eyes!

There lay a huge purple dragon in the room. Small purle clouds of smoke came out of his nostrils every time he breathed out. Could this enormous beast be the cause of their problem? Lilac crept towards it and pushed her nose against the dragon. She continued doing so until the animal opened its eyes. When the dragon saw the purple crocodile (she had kept her colour, as had Mauve, Amethyst and Neon, because they hadn’t been at the castle when the colour disappeared), even more smoke came out of his nostrils.
‘Hey! Is it you, who took away our colour?’ Violet wanted to know.
‘Yeeessss.’ Answered the dragon. ‘ I hate purple. But I never meant to take away the colour. You have to believe me. I’m horribly afraid of mice you know.’

Mice? What did they have to do with this, everyone wondered and looked at the dragon.
‘I saw a mouse and got terribly afraid. I took a deep breath and all of a sudden all the purple had gone.’
The friends understood the dragon had taken the colour by accident. But the problem had to be solved nevertheless.
‘Do you think you could return our colour?’ Lavender wanted to know.
‘I don’t know.’ The dragon hesitated. ‘What can get in must be able to come out as well, I think.’
‘Try it anyway.’ Violet encouraged him.
The dragon looked very doubtful. Then he did something someone shouldn’t do. At least not when others were near. Manners, you know. You have to keep your manners. But then again, there’s an exception to every rule, so…
‘Buuuuuurp!’ and ‘Prrrrrrrrt!’ it sounded loudly at the same time.
The dragon belched and farted very loudly. Luckily that was an odourless one. Very slowly the dragon turned red instead of purple. At the same time the walls of the room, Lavender’s light and Violets gems became purple. Everything was back to normal!
‘Hurrah!’ they all shouted together.

They painted the walls of the dungeon room red. On the door they hung a sign which red in large green letters ‘no entrance for mice’.
In his newly decorated room, the dragon could do what he liked most: sleeping. Without getting upset by purple walls or being afraid for mice.

And the others?
Mauve and Lilac went back to their forest.
Neon accompanied Amethyst to the fairy village.
Violet and Lavender returned to the tower with the pink flag and tried the spell once more.

The End

© Ann Goormachtigh, 2015


2 comments on “Purple

  1. It was fun to read it in English for a change. Elena still loves this story, but now she reads it by herself instead of me reading it to her. 😉

    Cool blog!


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