My hometown… Ghent!


I hope you had / are having a good Sunday.

I thought I’d start my travel pages with some piccies and info about my hometown Ghent.

This is my first “real” blog post so I hope it works out as I have it my my mind.

Ghent has a long history of nearly 1400 years. It all started when Saint Amandus constructed an abbey at the confluence (also “Ganda”, where “Ghent” comes from) of the rivers Lys and Scheldt in 630. From the year 1000 till about 1550, Ghent belonged to the most important cities in Europe. Through the city’s history, Ghent had the reputation of being headstrong and awkward. The inhabitants rebelled against Emperor Charles V and Ghent’s political and economic situation began to decrease. During the Industrial Revolution, Ghent was known for its textile industry and it hosted the World Exhibition in 1913. The city wasn’t too much damaged during either of the World Wars and that’s why its heritage has been kept so well.

Here is some proof:

01 Gravensteen

The Castle of the Counts. A mediaeval castle in the middle of town! It is a favourite in film land: the English TV series “The White Queen” was party filmed here and a few weeks Adrien Brody was here to film for “Emperor”.

02 Graslei

The Graslei. This was the mediaeval port with its unique historic buildings.

03 3 torens

The three tower row. Not from the perfect spot (being Saint Michael’s Bridge) but from the water.


Saint Nicholas’ Church. One of the many churches in Ghent.

05 Belfort

The Belfry. Symbol of Ghent’s independence.

06 Stadhuis

The Town Hall. Built in several architectural styles. It has a great history and is of special importance to me as Johann Strauss Father gave two concerts its Throne Room in 1838.

07 Kathedraal

Saint Bavo’s Cathedral. There is a Romanesque crypt and many art treasures. The Cathedral is home to the world-famous Ghent Altar Piece (featured in “The Monuments Men” with George Clooney).

If this has got you interested, feel free to visit the Tourist Office’s website for more information at www.visitgent.be




6 comments on “My hometown… Ghent!

  1. Loved reading about the interesting places around your home town Ann 😊 places which I hope to visit one day…


  2. lovely place! I love historical places. You’re very blessed to live in Ghent. I wish I could visit it someday. Congratulations on your blog, Ann! ❤️


  3. het is je gelukt! Ik kijk al uit naar je volgende ‘verhalen’ 🙂


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